Michelle Peterson

Writer, Editor, Publisher

Michelle Peterson Michelle Peterson is an artist and writer. In addition to working in ceramics, lithography, and acrylics, she has experience in design and printing prep. In 1997 she began publishing her first web site, about food allergies.

In March 1998, Michelle constructed a site covering travel in Colorado for About.com, then known as The Mining Company, and for the next two years explored and wrote about Colorado. In 2000 she changed the focus of her site to Rocky Mountains for Visitors, encompassing Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. She occasionally works as a consultant, helping local businesses and non-profit organizations set up new web sites.

She is a transplant from the Pacific Northwest to the Rocky Mountains. Of the American West, she says: "I am astounded by the beauty that I encounter everywhere I go in the west. It amazes me that flowers bloom on mountain tops that are under snow nine months of the year, that little animals live where there is no water, that I can walk across the bowl of a live volcano, and that elk sing love songs in the evening where people in little mountain towns can hear them."

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